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AirCell Modular Outdoor Compressor Rooms

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Operating Principles

Each AirCell exterior compressor room is designed to operate flawlessley regardless of external conditions. It has the capabilities and necessary components to keep a steady internal temperature all year long.

AirCell Compressor Room Temperature Controls

Features and Benefits

Compressor Room Insulation and Ventilation

High Density Insulation

AirCell Modular outdoor compressor rooms are spray-foam insulated to ensure a consistent operating temperature year round. The dense foam also reduces noise emissions while minimizing heat loss during downtime. This type of robust insulation is odorless, non-deteriorating and bright in color.
Exterior Compressor Room Temperature Controls and Ventilation


The AirCell Modular maintains a consistent internal temperature regardless of external weather conditions. The fully automatic temperature control system provides an optimum operating range for your equipment. A small electric heater maintains a minimum temperature setting.
Air Compressor Filtered Intake Clean Ventilated

Air Intake

Intake air drawn through an oversized bank of pleated air filters which efficiently remove airborne contaminants, protecting the enclosed compressed air equipment from harmful dust and dirt. This process drastically reduces overall operating costs and allows for heat to be reclaimed.
Compressor Room Mounts

Secure Equipment Placement

Placing your compressed air equipment outside your plant and into an AirCell Modular reduces expensive maintenance and breakdown costs. Also, if you plan on moving, the AirCell more than pays for itself!

Savings with AirCell Outdoor Compressor Rooms


With the AirCell, relocation simply involves loading and delivery. There is no need to remove ducting, plumbing, electrical, and heavy equipment. The AirCell Modular is ready to ship as it sits and pays for itself within a single move.
Traditional move: $15,000
AirCell Relocation: $2,000

Compressor Cooler and Filter Maintenance
The AirCell Modular draws in fresh air from outside, ensuring that air/oil coolers and filters remain uncontaminated. This eliminates the necessity for constant cleaning and reduces the risk of expensive breakdowns. It also means your compressed air equipment operates in the best environment possible, extending its life and reducing maintenance.
Compressor in plant: $2,406
Compressor in AirCell: $360

AirCell Modular Compressor Room vs Custom Compressor Room

The price of a new AirCell is significantly less expensive than a mezzanine or custom built compressor room. Call for a quote today!

Savings by switching from Watercooled

In many cases, factories are required to cool their compressors using water; a costly but sometimes necessary expense. The AirCell Modular makes it possible to cool plant compressors using air. As a result significant savings are quickly accumulated.
Water cooling cost: $18,921
Air Cooling Cost: $2,100
Heat recovery savings: $13,402
To see a full breakdown of the water savings click here.

With all these savings in mind the AirCell Modular can pay for itself within 1 year!


Customization Options

Air Compressors Compressor Accessories Other Options
Rotary Screw - up to 175hp Dessicant Air Dryer(s) 5' Roll up or swing doors
Rotary Vane -any size Refrigirant Air Dryer(s) 3' Roll up or swing doors
Reciprocating - up to 6 units Receiver Tank(s) Painted and Sealed Floors
Oil/Water Separator(s) GPS Location
Remote Start-up Concrete Mounting Pad
Remote Monitoring 20' to 53' Configuration

Technical Data

(standard 20' container. Custom sizes available.)
Container Length Exterior - 19'19 1/2" Interior - 19'4 1/2"
Container Width Exterior - 8'0" Interior - 7' 8 1/2"
Container nominal height Exterior - 8'6" Interior - 7'9 7/8"
Container barn door opening Height - 7'5 5/8" Width - 7'8 1/2"
Container overall height Varies up to maxium of 12'
Container empty weight 5,015 lbs