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AirCell Modular - Environmental Benefits

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Environmental Air Compressor Technology

Environmental Solutions

Energy Savings:

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Noise Reduction:

Noise pollution in the workplace has been linked to stress, absenteeism, and lost production. The AirCell Modular is located externally, completely eliminating one of the main causes of plant noise pollution. Each AirCell is sound attenuated with high density spray-foam insulation and can be located outdoors, even in the most environmentally sensitive locations.

Eliminate water consumption:

Water cooling is normally a requirement for compressors which would overheat due to contaminated atmospheric conditions or high ambient temperatures. AirCell Modular Compressed Air Systems operate independently, completely unaffected by the harmful environments inherent in typical industrial facilities. The AirCell Modular maintains an ideal operating temperature regardless of plant conditions and consequently never requires water cooling.
To find out more about the water savings click here.

Reduced waste:

The AirCell Modular maintains a clean internal environment, eliminating the need for the constant replacement of cabinet and intake filters. Further, the cleaner operating logic ensures that the compressed air system operates at peak efficiency, significantly reducing the maintenance and repair costs associated with indoor compressor systems.

Condensate separation:

The condensate is separated prior to entering the compressed air system and then carbon filtered to ensure its cleanliness. Trace oil is contained inside the AirCell for proper disposal, allowing the clean condensate to be safely discharged to a drain.

To find out if your AirCell Modular will qualify for the EcoEnergy program click here