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Our Staff

At AirCell, we are extremely proud to offer all of our clients exceptional service while providing them with the latest in compressed air technology.
Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the compressed air industry and adheres to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Further, whether it be our skilled technicians or courteous office staff, each member of our team works with integrity and always acts with the customer's interests in mind.
We know that one of the key ways to satisfy a customer is to build a strong long term relationship. To do so, we listen to our customer's needs and work together to find a solution specifically tailored to meet their demands.
Most importantly, our team is committed to ensuring that each and every client is 100 % satisfied with our products and service.
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Milestones & History

  • 2011: AirCell introduces the AirCell Mini Exterior Compressor Rooms
  • 2010: AirCell launches new website and continues to develop new compressed air products
  • 2009: Strong sales of Modular AirCells in Southern Ontario proves a working concept
  • 2007: Research and development on shipping containers is completed and the AirCell Modular is born
  • 2006: AirCell begins experimenting with shipping containers
  • 2000: The first AirCell Tandem units are perfected
Our History:

In 1985, our founder, Roark Patton opened Comtract of Canada as a full service air compressor company with the goal of offering innovative solutions to the many problems typically associated with the operation of compressed air equipment in industrial facilities. It was determined that the same issues were prevalent in almost every manufacturing plant. The most common problems were; excessive power consumption due to inefficient control functions and air leakage, unsuitable or unreliable air quality, intolerable noise emissions, and increased maintenance requirements or breakdowns caused by harmful (yet mostly unavoidable) atmospheric conditions such as high heat or airborne particles. The high demand for this service led Comtract to incorporate in March of 1986 under the name Comtract Air Compressors Inc.
Comtract operated out of a modest industrial facility on Dundas Street in Mississauga until 1991 when the need for expansion required the move to a much larger facility on Haines Road. During the early years, Comtract took on the CompAir line of air compressors and related equipment; a line which we proudly carry to this day. The Haines Road facility remained home until 2006 when, yet again, further expansion became necessary. Our present location facilitates the manufacturing of our full range of AirCell products as well as our service, sales and rental activities.
Comtract maintains the same philosophy today with the AirCell products as when we began over 25 years ago. The AirCell Tandem and Modular systems were developed solely to maximize operating efficiencies and reduce the overall costs associated with compressed air operation. Mission accomplished!

Letter from the CEO's

Brent Patton

To all our current and future customers,

On behalf of the entire AirCell team, I would like to thank you for doing business with us and taking the time to learn more about our company.

Product leadership and Innovation
It is an exciting time in the business world as strategies and technologies continue to rapidly evolve. At AirCell, we are excited to say that we are bringing the latest innovations to compressed air. One of our core business practices here at AirCell is to listen to our partners and clients; through these partnerships we have developed our three new flagship products, AirCell Modular, AirCell Tandem, and AeroKool dryers.

Client Focus
At AirCell, our commitment to client relationships goes well beyond written words in letters and websites. We pride ourselves on being held to the highest standards and strive to go beyond them. We achieve this by not only listening to our clients but also by partnering with them to discover unique solutions. Working in a partnership allows us to grow and learn together, further enhancing our relationship and knowledge of the industry. Ultimately, this leads us to our main goal of providing our clients with latest in compressed air technology packaged in a solution specifically designed for their needs.

Changes at AirCell
Further, we are extremely excited about the launch of our new website and news letter. We will be updating our site regularly with the latest products and information relevant to the compressed air industry. Our news letter will include updates made to our website, plus notifications about new products and promotions. We are always looking for feedback so please do not hesitate to browse around and give us your opinion.

Most of all, we look forward to working with our customers in developing new products that not only solve some of the most challenging industry related issues, but also put AirCell on the leading edge of compressed air technology.

We truly hope you enjoy our website, newsletter, products, and services. As always, we would like to hear from you, so feel free to contact us any time.


Brent and Roark Patton


Mission and Goals at AirCell

Mission Statment

At AirCell Canada, our mission is to lead the compressed air industry in innovation and specialized knowledge. We strive to serve clients working in the harshest environments with our in-house developed solutions. All the while operating to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

  • Continue working with clients to develop new products
  • Go above and beyond the expectations of each client
  • Continue researching methods to reduce the environmental impact of compressed air
  • Increase our role in social and corporate responsibility